Toilet seat extention with arm rests


Designed for persons who have difficulty to sit down or get up from the toilet, this extension is attached to the toilet by a front anchor: a lengthwise adjustable plastic screw on attachment.
Fast and easy to attach, it adapts to the majority of toilets.
The seat of the extension device has both anterior and posterior openings to permit better accessibilità for personal hygiene.
Slightly negatively inclined, it helps for correct posture positioning and reduces the hip and knee flexing involved.
The arm rests guarantee better holding capability and stability for the user .

CE marked

Technical characteristics:
- Washable
- 100% high density low toxicity polyethylene with antibacterial properties
- Maximum weight 130 Kgs.
- Dimensions: 46x41 cms – Opening 25,5x17 cm Height cms. 10 – Weight 2 Kgs.

Cod. 902725910 – Toilet seat extension with arm rests