Folding Transit Wheelchair model “Superior”


Classification: medical device.

Intended use: the device is for transport and movement of persons who are not capable of autonomous movements.

Product description: the light alluminium structure and reduced dimensions make this wheelchair particularly adapt for both home and external environments. Loading and unloading is facilitated by the fold-down back, reduced weight, car portability and storage capabilities.

Characteristics and  materials:

  • Structure made of tubular alluminium;
  • Fold down back;
  • Fixed padded arm rests;
  • Front wheels Ø mm. 150 – Rear wheels Ø mm. 32. Both solid filled, soft and unpuncturable;
  • Foot rests that are height adjustable, folding and removable, comes with heel-stop;
  • Brakes located on the handles, with parking block;
  • Safety belt;
  • Nylon upholstery;
  • Padded with fireproof materials;
  • Seat and back inclination fixed at 5°;
  • Single boxed.

Dimensional Characteristics:

Leg rests


Seat width

Dimensions when closed


Total width

Back height

Seat depth


Total depth

Total height

Seat height from ground


   Max weight


cm. 42

cm. 27

cm. 59

cm. 38

cm. 42







  • Code. 978582183  
  • Codice Iso (1999) 
  • Cosice Iso (NUOVI LEA 2017)