Anti-dust mask and Anti Pollen Mask

Filter facial mask for protection from toxic dust, fibers and organic based aerosols of parti culate material with granulometrics of > 0.02 µ., for contaminating concentrations up to 4.5 x TLV (*).

IPD (Individual Protection Device) for category III.

(*) Threshold Limit Value

Technical Characteristics:

  • Color: grey • 4 layers of hypoallergenic filter material, one of which is made of active carbon to alleviate fastidious odours • Mechanical and electrostatic filtration • Gasket seal around the nasal area • Adjustable latex free elastic bands, attached externally to the mask to avoid compromising the seal • Adjustable nose bridge, made of iron, coated with polypropylene •Exhale valve for better respiratory comfort  • Anatomical form which permits the user to where eye glasses or protective goggles
  • One size fits most;
  • Single use;
  • Latex free;

Code. 974844730 - 2 Pcs.