Protective glasses with colourless lenses


Adjustable frames for improbe comfort.

Corresponds to standards of hygiene and occupational safety (Law 626 in Italy).

Lateral protection integrated in the lens.

Packaged in convenient and practical shell packaging for retail sales.

Certification: EN 166 - EN 170
Protective glass with lateral reinforcement integrated into the frame and with adjustable arms. Polycarbonate lens with anti-scratch treatment. For protection against particles in movement;  impact resistance testing with a 6 mm diameter steel sphere hurled at a speed of 45 m/s.
Adapt for mechanical risk protection, e.g.: filing, milling cutter, wood-working, and wherever there is risk of collision or the need for protection from splinters. Protection from UV rays. Glasses with simple and linear design, with optimum quality characteristics.
Characterised by an extremely light nylon frame (33 gr.); thanks to the adjustable arms that conform to any faccial features. Lens of anti-scratch polycarbonate
Occular Marking 2c– 1.2  B-D  1  F
2c      = protection from UV rays, without colour alterations
1.2     = level of protection refers to the first number
B-D    = letter that identifies the manufacturer
1        = optical  class 1
F        = impact resistance (45 m/s)

Code 900609177