Reacher with Front Magnet

Facilitates picking up and transporting of light objects by persons with limited hand mobility.  Also facilitates picking up of items for persons with movement difficulties, therefore avoiding bending/extensions to pick up objects on the floor or that are out of reach.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Length: 76 cms.;
  • Weight: 190 gr.;
  • Grasping jaw width: 9.5 cms.;
  • Handle made of plastic with “trigger” type movement to facilitate grasping;
  • Possible to activate the grasping mechanism without using all fingers;
  • Small magnet on the tip to facilitate picking up small metal objects;
  • Hook positioned on the tip to recover small objects;
  • Both sides of the jaw are coated with a grip and teeth to avoid objects slipping out after they have been captured.

Lightweight alluminium handle.

Code. 977708650