Adhesive Eye Compresses

Non-woven adhesive eye dressing. Individually packaged and not waterproof. 

Classification: Medical Device Class I Sterile CE 0546 Marking.

Intended use: Sterile protection of the ocular area from external agents in the case of superficial wounds or surgical wounds.


- Sterile and individually packed

- Ready to use

- Permeable to air and water vapor, lets the skin breathe and avoid the risk of maceration

- Anatomically shaped, ensures the complete occlusion of the eye

- High thick central wound pad. Maximum protection and effective absorption up to 10 times its weight.

- Persistent adhesion that still allows a painless removal and leaves no residue on the skin

- Protective liners easy removable with gloves

- Quick and easy application

- Central highly absorbent wound pad with polyethylene non adherent layer. Atraumatic removal

- White soft polyester nonwoven, adaptable and extremely conformable

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Pad dimension



Adhesive Eye Compresses - 6,5 x 9,5cms

3,8x6,6 cms

10 Pcs