Non-woven Adhesive Dressing

Sterile, non-waterproof delicate adhesive dressing.

Classificazione: Classification: Medical Device Class ISterile CE 0546 Marking
Destinazione d’uso: INTENDED USE: Protection of surgical wounds, superficial wounds, cuts and abrasions


- Sterile and individually packed

- Ready to use

- Permeable to air and water vapor, lets the skin breathe and avoids the risk of maceration

- Persistent adhesion that still allows a painless removal and leaves no residue on the skin

- Effective absorption of exudates, provides reliable protection

- Protective liners easy removable with gloves

- Quick and easy application

- Rounded edges to prevent the dressingfrom peeling off easily due to rubbing and friction

- White soft polyester nonwoven, adaptable and extremely conformable

- Hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive, dermatologically tested

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Description and dimensions

Pad dimensions



Non-woven Adhesive Dressing  5x7,2cm

2,8x3,8 cm

5 PZ


Non-woven Adhesive Dressing  10x6cm

6,5x3,5 cm

5 PZ

supplied on request

10X8 CM

5x4 cm

5 PZ


Non-woven Adhesive Dressing  10x10cm

5x5 cm

5 PZ


Non-woven Adhesive Dressing  10x12.5cm

5x7,5 cm

5 PZ


Non-woven Adhesive Dressing  8x15cm

3,8 x 10,5 cm

5 PZ

supplied on request

10X25 CM

5x20 cm

5 PZ