Non-woven Polyester Eye Compresses for Therapy

Colored adhesive polyester eye band, non-sterile and in single package.

Classification: Medical Device Class I Not Sterile.

Intended use: 100% polyester extensible nonwoven occlusive fabric protection. Suitable for safe and comfortable dressing, the central swab has a protective action and the hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive is suitable for sensitive skin in the eye.


- Individually packed

- Ready to use

- Permeable to air and water vapor, lets the skin breathe

- Tri-laminate central wound pad: high comfort and protection

- Anatomically shaped, ensures the complete occlusion of the eye

- Two slits, prevents wrinkles on the substrate and avoids the premature peeling off

- Extended shape in the nasal area, eyewear proper portability, no side filtration of light

- Persistent adhesion that still allows a painless removal and leaves no residue on the skin

- Quick and easy application

- Pink or coloured soft polyester nonwoven, adaptable and extremely conformable

- Black occlusive layer, optimal dimming of the vision

- Fluffy viscose

- Hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive, suitable for sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested

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Non-woven Polyester Eye Compresses for Therapy 7,5x5,7cms

4,9x3,2 cms

21 pcs