Kidney bowls in steel and plastic

The kidney bowls are intended for the collection of liquids and objects used during medication procedures.


- Disposable Kidney Bowls

not a medical device

Composition: polypropylene compatible with food

Characteristics: disposable – following use, dispose of according to current laws

Dimensions: Length: 26 cm. -  capacity 50 ml.

Code 909199743


- Stainless steel bowl 28 cm. (clam)

: medical device

Composition: stainless steel

Characteristics: Multi use – with border and flat base

Dimensions: Length: 28 cm. -  capacity 1000 cc.

Washing and sterilization Instructions: To clean the product use exclusively a clean damp cloth soaked in water and dry with a clean, dry cloth.  It is possible to use simple alcohol.

DO NOT USE abrasive substances, acids, detergents based on chlorine, disinfectants and acetone, because these substances cause abrasion and rusting of metallic surfaces.

Sterilize by steam (maximum temperature 134 °C or by ethylene oxide with validated process by the user.

Code 909218024