Thermoskin Splint Flessibile per Pollice


Includes a flexible splint that supports the carpal-metacarpal joint and at the same time offers benefits with warmth and semi-rigid support from trauma from UCL (ulnar collateral ligament lesions) associated with sports injuries which use a ball, skiing or from occupational repetitive stress.

Code. 927147518 - right size S 12-16 cms.

Code. 927147520 - right size M 17-19 cms

Code. 927147532 - right size L 20-23 cms

Code. 927147544 - left size S 12-16 cms.

Code. 927147557 - left size M 17-19 cms.

Code. 927147569 - left size L 20-23 cms.

Measure the circumference around the wrist joint.