THERMOSKIN° EXO° Adjustable Wrist support


Thermoskin® range in heat-adjustable EXO material releases energy in the form of heat. The superior quality of the Thermoskin® line. EXO combines the quality of the support and comfort in a single product. The EXO line has been designed and built to be light, comfortable, to convert humidity into heat and to drain excess moisture from the skin. Thanks to the innovative design and the technology of its materials, the EXO line fits comfortably and adapts to all shapes.

Level of support: moderate – Level of heat: moderate. Flexible support for right or left wrist for increased warmth to manage pain and for increased comfort for weak or injured wrists for RSI Injuries, office workers, sportspeople or manual handling jobs.

Composition:56% Rubber – 40% Polyester – 2% Spandex – 1% Polyacrylate – Latex free

  • Carpometacarpal Joint Injuries
  •  Collateral Ligament Injuries

Code. 981510605 – ONE SIZE