ELASTIC PRESSURE LINE: Thermoskin® elastic supports are designed to reduce swelling and offer support to weak or injured muscles and joints. The elastic supports adapt to the area of the body requiring treatment and allow full freedom of movement.

The supports with Mesh allow maximum breathability and comfort in cases of prolonged use.

Zone 1 – Firm compression: Flexible stabilizers with anti-slip are designed to allow freedom of movement whilst increasing support and knee stability during activity and while at rest.

Zone 2 – Moderate compression: Circular knit designed to provide comfort across the knee patella, with silicone ring for optional kneecap stability.

Zone 3 – Light compression: Back knit panel contours to knee to minimize bunching and allows free range of movement.

Jumper’s knee: tendonitis or tendinosis of the knee cap due to overworking. Runner’s knee from iliotibial band syndrome. Weakened or injured knee that requires compression or spot-on support.

Level of support: stabilizing – Level of heat: low.

This support, with knee stabilizers, was designed with two lateral anti-slip supports and an internal pocket containing a removable silicone ring to limit and reduce movement of the kneecap.  The variable compression zones provide on-spot support to maintain muscles during pre and post injury conditions.

Composition: 50% Nylon, 36% Polyester,1 2% Spandex. Contains latex. 


Code 979406422 – S – 30-34*

Code 979406434 – M – 34-38*

Code 979406446 – L – 38-42*

Code 979406459 – XL – 42-46*

*Take measurement below the kneecap with leg slightly bent.