THERMOSKIN° EXO° Stabilizing knee sleeve


Thermoskin® range in heat-adjustable EXO material releases energy in the form of heat. The superior quality of the Thermoskin® line. EXO combines the quality of the support and comfort in a single product. The EXO line has been designed and built to be light, comfortable, to convert humidity into heat and to drain excess moisture from the skin. Thanks to the innovative design and the technology of its materials, the EXO line fits comfortably and adapts to all shapes.

Zone 1 – Anti-slip elasticized top and bottom: Designed with silicone lining to reduce vertical movement and help keep the support in place whilst in use.

Zone 2 – Flexible side stabilizers: Added support to reduce any lateral movement.

Zone 3 – Rear mesh panel: llows for increased airflow to help reduce overheating and increase comfort.

Zone 4 – Hexagon knee patella cut out: Anatomically shaped to provide compression and support whilst allowing the kneecap to be free from compression.

Jumper’s knee: tendonitis or tendinosis of the knee cap due to overworking. Patella dislocation pain. Runner’s knee from iliotibial band syndrome. Osgood-Schlatter disease.

Level of support: stabilizing – Level of heat: moderate.

The knee sleeve has an anatomical form to stabilize and support the knee and kneecap.  The upper and lower edges of the support are elasticized and anti-slip to maintain support in perfect position.  For daily use for injured knees, runner’s knee or in cases of dislocation of the kneecap.  The hexagonal opening helps to maintain the kneecap free from compression, offering support of 360°.

Composition: 59% Foam Rubber 24% Nylon, 16% Polyester, 0.5% Spandex, 0.5% Polyacrylate.  Does not contain latex. 


Code 979406295 cm. 31-5* - S

Code 979406307 cm. 36-40* - M

Code 979406319 cm. 41-45* - L

Code 979406321 cm. 46-50* - XL

*Take measurement below the kneecap with leg slightly bent.