Lubricant Gel in Syringe 10 ml.

This lubricant gel is indicated for use to facilitate urological procedures, in particular for self-insertion of catheters.
It can be used also for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to facilitate insertion of tubes and endotracheal cannulas, feeding tubes and drainage tubes positioned in the naso-gastric tracts, rectal tubes and gloved fingers for hand exploration maneuvres.
The device is sterile (through humid heat processing) and disposable. Latex free.

Syringe: made of polypropylene, 10 ml., pre-filled.

Gel: gelified hydropolyhydrosilicate solution (Water based gel).  Does not contain active substances, it is hydrosoluble, free of oils and latex proteins.  All components conform to Official Pharmacopoeia requirements.  Colorless.



  • No device preparation required which guarantees safety and time savings;
  • No risk of parts that could break during opening phase, so avoiding invisible plastic shards or fragments;
  • Non-traumatic applicator spout, necessary especially when applying the gel;
  • Guaranteed to be anti-septic during every procedure (differently from lubricants in tubes);
  • Ease of conduction of operations with the use of just one hand;
  • Total economy awareness;
  • Simple disposal.

Code. 971931264 - Syringe singularly packaged