Stoma Girdle "Sanya" Ivory - Woman

The new line of Farmacare stoma garments offers a series of intimate wear for people with stomas (colostomy, urostomy and ileostomy).

These garments have been designed to guarantee maximum comfort to the user and are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and materials. The dimensions and geometry of the pocket that will contain the stoma bag were studied to guarantee that the bag will remain flat, thus avoiding that it being seen through clothes, and at the same time, reducing the unpleasant sound caused by the swishing of the liquid collected.

Included in this product line are stoma girdles, for those who prefer to use their own intimate wear, while still needing a support pocket for the bag.

Woman's Model - Ivory Color

Composition: Polyamide 63% (lace) - Cotton 21% - Elastam 9%

Cod. 974844918 - M-L / 42-44

Cod. 974844920 - XL-XXL / 46-48

Cod. 974844932 - 3XL-4XL / 50-52

Alisa Stoma underwear