Acquastop Cast protector


Reusable cover for the protection of casts or bandages on limbs during showering or bathing.

Completely submergeable watertight protection: casts and bandages remain completely dry.
Easy to use because it slips easily over the limb with the use of just one hand. Not  necessary to take measurements nor use scissors before use.
Made of highly elastic material, it is available in various sizes for adults.
The items for the lower limbs are made with anti-slip material.

Adult model:
Cod. 901012233 – Entire leg (390x990mm)
Cod. 901012245 – Half leg (390x640mm)
Cod. 901012260 – Entire arm (225x600)
Cod. 901071391 – Arm to elbow (225x535)

Paediatric model:
Code. 930527849 – Entire leg – paediatric (390x640mm)
Code. 930527864 – Half leg - paediatric (320x580mm)
Code. 930527876 – Entire arm – paediatric (210x350mm)
Code. 930527888 – Forearm - paediatric (200x480mm)