Electro-conductive Gel


Recommended for all medical diagnostic applications where a reduced contact resistance between electrodes and the patient’s skin is necessary during bio-electric signal testing  (ECG, EEG, EMG, PE) or for therapeutic treatments to optimise the action between electrodes and the skin during electrical therapies (defibrillation, cardioversion, electrophysiotherapy) to avoid the risk of burns.

Water based gel, enriched with electrolites, hydrosoluble and hypoallergenic, totally without perfumes or essences. The gel does not damage the test electrodes, as it contains no abrasive substances. It does not stain or leave oily marks. Colourless and odourless.
For external use . Non sterile. Disposable.

The particular chimica-physical characteristics guarantee the highest efficiency even during long term therapies, and limit the liquificational effects caused by substances with high saline content, such as perspiration and body oils; allowing a considerable savings during use because frequent additions of more product are not necessary during treatments or exams, even if they continue for lengthy periods.
The electroconductive gel is available in convenient food grade polyethylene bottles that are latex free;  the bottle contains 250 ml. of gel and comes with a screw on cap with a closable application tip.

Code 935610600 - 250ml
Cod. 926830668 - 1000ml