WC bag with gelifier For portable toilet seats and mobile toilets Superbag


The WC bag with gelifier can be used with the hermetic seal pale for toilet chairs (code 901069563) by persons bound to the wheelchair (even for brief periods), with collection pales that come with toilet chairs, with portable toilets and whenever a standard toilet is unavailable (camping, sports, excursions, etc.).  It is ideal also in cases of vomiting and regurgitation.  Ready for use.  Capacity: 10 litres.

A line of products ideal for travelling, excursions, camping and in every situation when it is not possible or not desired to use the toilet.
The super absorbent substance contained inside the bags gelifies all liquids completely in a few seconds, thus reducing the release of undesirable odors.

Code. 971931403 - 2 pcs.

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