NONOISE New Generation Ear Inserts

Tappi auricolari NoNoise disponibili in diversi colori

NONOISE New Generation Ear Inserts (Ear Plugs)

The ideal solution to prevent hearing damage, hypoacusis and tooffer optimum hearing protection.

Systematic ex position to loud noises can cause serious hearing damage.  Damage can include not only reduced hearing, but also other pathologies such as acuphene, sound hypersensitivity, hypertension and early hearing difficulty, buzzing.

Nonoise ear inserts (commonly called Ear Plugs) have patented ceramic filters (zircon) heated to 1500 °C. Inside the filter the sound channel is designed in the Venturi Tube form, calculated precisely for each product in the range of inserts.  

  1. Individual Protection Device (CE) - Under the hearing protection category.
  2. Patented ceramic precision filter which positions itself deeper in the ear compared to other products on the market, for maximum protection.  Washable and reusable.
  3. Possible to converse normally reducing the noise level but without effects of occlusion.
  4. Unique design, in three sections, for a sense of total comfort; adapt for all ages (diameter 6-12 mms) .

    The particularly soft structure makes them comfortable to wear for long periods of time or during the night.
  5. Hypoallergenic thermoplastic material, without silicone, for maximum comfort.
  6. Pratical capsule container made of alluminium for storage and transport.

    Code. 927251520 - CONNECTOR CORD to connect the Inserts Hearing NoNoise. Particularly suitable when you use continuous but alternately of Inserts Hearing (Industry, Polygons, Target Shooting, Motorcycle Racing)


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Available in 8 different models, each one designed and manufactured for protection against specific types of noise:

Cod. 926421569 SLEEP
Ideal to sleep peacefully without hearing loud background noises.

Cod. 926421633 TRAVEL
Ideal during air travel.

Cod. 926421595 WORK
Ideal in the workplace, sometimes adapt to substitute for standard noise protection head phones.

Cod. 926421583 SHOOT
Ideal for hunters, firing ranges or to substitute for standard firing range headphones.

Cod. 926421607 WATER SPORTS
Ideal at swimming pools, for swimmers, under water diving, surfing and snorkeling.

Cod. 926421571 DIY & GARDEN
Ideal to protect hearing when using noisy machines, mowing lawns, sawing, etc.

Cod. 926421619 MUSIC
Ideal for musicians, music lovers, participants at concerts or other events.

Ideal to lower wind noise as an alternative to standard foam ear plugs for bikers.