Splinted Corset with V-Support in Pincord Fabric


Classification: Medical Device Class I.

Intended Use: Indicated to control pain in the lumbar area, lumbago of dorsal origin. Also indicated in case of posture alteration, and for post-operative recovery in which immobilization is not necessary.

Features: Black colour. The corset is supported by 4 back and 2 front splints. The device is made of breathable fabric that ensures excellent comfort. It has a reinforcement in the back with a 'V' crossing which concentrates the support action in the lumbar part.

Composition: Cotton: 40% / Polyester: 35% / Elastane: 25%.

Size: Height ± 26 cm. See the table below for the size correspondence.

Code. 984797744 - S - (65-74 cms.)
Code. 984797757 - M - (75-84 cms.)
Code. 984797769 - L - (85-94 cms.)
Code. 984797771 - XL - (95-104 cms.)
Code. 984797783 - XXL - (105-115 cms.)