Dotted Anti-Decubitus Gel Cushion


Classification: Medical Device Class I.

Intended Use: Suitable for long-term patients and disabled people confined to wheelchair, in order to prevent the formation of pressure ulcers in the ischial bone area. The dotted part promotes good air circulation, refreshing the user.

Features: Grey colored lining, with HYDROCOOL® treatment, which guarantees effective heat exchange between the seat and the patient, and comfort-offering SILVERPLUS® treatment. Thanks to the reaction between titanium dioxide and silver chloride, the seat is hygienic for the user.

Composition: Lining: 100% dyed polyester. Cushion: Non-slip 9% PL / 91% PVC (SMARTGEL® immersed in viscoelastic fabric).

Size: 40 x 40 x 5 cm

 Code. 984797819