Sheaths for Ozone therapy


Sheaths for Ozone therapy

The sheaths allow ozone therapy to be carried out on the upper or lower limbs.

The leg models feature a non-slip sole. Reusable and single patient. Connection tube with the ozone therapy machine included in the package.

Composition: Polyurethane. Latex-free.

Washing: Wash thoroughly after use with warm water and a mild soap. Dry completely before storage to avoid mold growth.

Available in 4 models/sizes:

Code. 986127049 FOOT Cover -           Lenght: 27,9 Cm. Diameter: 20 Cm.
Code. 986127052 FOREARM Cover -  Lenght: 55,9 Cm. Diameter: 15 Cm.
Code. 986127064 HALF LEG Cover -  Lenght: 58,4 Cm. Diameter: 25,5 Cm.
Code. 986127076 WHOLE LEG Cover - Lenght: 106,6 Cm. Diameter: 25,5 Cm.