Deluxe Folding Wheelchair

Self-propelled folding wheelchair with lightweight alloy frame, with extractable foot rests that turn to the side, desk armrests which are adjustable for height, can be over turned and are extractable, double cruise structure, patient waist seat belt for secure positioning, extractable rear wheels.

Light and folding, ideal for easy transport.  The upholstery corresponds to fireproof requirements M1 and M2. 
Red color.

Code Description Leggins standard Siting width Enclosed size Overall width Backrest height Dept sitting Total dept Weight Maximum weight
971931302 DELUXE  Folding Wheelchair Supplied 43 cms 30 cms 61,5 cms 44 cms 40 cms 103 cms 14 kg 120 kg

Code. 971931302 (including standard leggings as per photo)
Codice Iso: + + + + + riconducibile

OPTIONAL inclinable leggings to be requested separately and to be procured on request.