Cot W/Roll Carrier


Intended use: The cot can be used in many situations, when it is necessary to maintain the body in a lying down position. It comes with a roll carrier.  The cot structure is designed for a determined work load for relatively short time intervals, so use as a sleeping cot or bed should be excluded. Caratteristiche tecniche:

  • Load-bearing structure made of chrome coated steel round tubes with diameter 45x1.5 mm.;
  • Detachable tubulare legs with round diameter 40x1.5 mm.;
  • Allen screw fixtures with 8 MA threads;
  • Head lift with slip-knot system, with self-blocking adjustment;
  • Padded parts made of foam rubber, glued on a multi-layered wood support and covered in washable, and self extinguishing leatherette (class M2);
  • Included roll carrier
  • Colore blu




Height from ground

Maximum weight allowance

60 cm.

190 cm.

78 cm.

130 Kg.

Code. 978832879