Hypothermic Cap


Classification: Medical device.

Intended use: Prevention of hair follicle toxicity associated with chemotherapy treatments.

Features: Not all hospitals have devices for cooling the scalp during chemotherapy cycles. When it is not possible to use devices provided by the NHS, it is the patient who can procure this type of product in order to prevent and contain hair loss.

The kit, consisting of three cooling caps, is cheaper than the traditional single gel cap, but ensuring the continuity of cooling of the scalp for a longer cooling period that allows you to face chemotherapy cycles even of long duration.

The cooling caps are light and comfortable because the gel adapts perfectly to the anatomical configuration of the user.

Particularly practical for use: Once the chemotherapy cycle is finished, the cooling caps can be dried and stored in a small space.

Code. 976386363 - Hypothermic cap KIT 3 PCS. (thermal bag included)

Code. 976386387 - Hypothermic cap 1 pc

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