Patient Pajamas


Especially indicated for long term bedridden and non self-sufficient patients – who often are uncomfortable with garments and/or absorbent pad devices – the Farmacare Patient Pajamas has numerous benefits and characteristics listed below:

  • Convenient and easy to put on because it is made of elastic cotton jersey, extremely soft and pleasant to the touch
  • Resistant to repeated washings
  • Can be worn 24 hours a day
  • Elastic waist band helps maintain the pajamas in the right position so that it doesn’t roll itself up.  This is very important for patients in bed or sitting in a wheelchair
  • The soft elastic cuffs at the wrist and ankles allow to maintain correct positioning of the garment
  • The rear zipper has the following characteristics:
  • Optimum quality and durability over time
  • Supplied with a triple cursor, it can be opened in both directions.
  • It does not extend all the way to the ankle, thus avoiding counter-productive pressure points and friction, allowing easy changing of the absorbent pad.  This characteristic permits maneuvers to perform hygiene on the patient without having to expose the entire back, and in particular, offers a versatile design which is adapt to the majority of patient needs.
  • Applied so to reduce pressure points and/or red marks due to contact with the skin

Composition: 95% cotton - 5% Elastam 

Code. 927147862 - Size XS Unisex

Code. 927147874 - Size S Unisex

Code. 927147886 - Size M Unisex

Code. 927147898 - Size L Unisex

Code. 927147900 - Size XL Unisex

Choice of Size


KG. cms. 145/155 cms. 150/160 cms. 160/170 cms. 170/180 cms. 180/190
40/50 XS XS S S M
50/60 XS S S M M
60/70 S S M M L
70/80 M M M L XL
80 M L L L XL