Remover Spray for Medical Adhesives


Permits easy, quick and painless removal of medical adhesives. Particularly indicated to remove:

  • Ileostomy bags
  • Colostomy bags
  • Urostomy bags
  • Medicated and medication plasters, tape bandages, etc.


No alcohol, does not burn.

No oils, does not leave any oily residues, which allows easy application of new adhesive.

Propellant is isolated from the active ingredient:

No temperature shock when sprayed on the skin.

Delicate on the skin.

The innovative internal valve BOV (BAG ON VALVE) on the canister guarantees:

Optimum distribution of the spray.

Product can be sprayed from any angle (360° of action) which allows the user to reach any area of the body.

The entire contents of the canister (50 ml) will be used without any residues or waste.

After use, it is not necessary to wash the skin area to remove the product. The product dries quickly, allowing immediate application of a new medical adhesive (found on ileostomy, colostomy and urostomy bags).

Technical specifications:

Composition: Mix of Siloxanes.

Physical characteristics: Non toxic and non cytotoxic.

Code 923555116 - 50ml - ISO code